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As a minority-owned and regionally operated hospice provider, Hope & Grace Hospice, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality, professional care to make end-of-life a smooth and worry-free transition for family’s and patients alike.

Our dedicated team of professionals serves each family with the utmost respect. We understand the difficulty of this decision and act on the desire to make this process one to cherish. For this reason, our goal is to shed light and clarify the misconceptions associated with hospice. Our team does not focus on death; instead, we address living and living well, living comfortably, and living free from pain, stress, and uncertainty in the only guaranteed chapter of life.

elderly woman lying in bed and caregiver

What Sets Us Apart from Other Hospice Agencies
We are Regionally Owned and Operated. Contact with your Registered Nurse and the administration is not characterized by an automated answering machine with options to dial. Your peace of mind is dependent on your ability to reach, our team no matter the time of day, no matter the issue at hand. We pride ourselves in our availability, whether its 2 pm or 2 am, to us, there is no difference.

The Head of Medical Decisions and Team Experience. We count on the guidance of one of Austin’s leading medical professionals in geriatrics. Together, we bring over 60 years of patient experience to deliver the best care possible in this most vulnerable time.

Transparency. Good, Bad, better or worse- you can count on trusting the conversations and information presented to you by; your nurse, physician, social worker, spiritual counselor or community educator. The only real way to allow us to care to your loved one is to trust us fully. To do this, we have committed to being transparent with you from the first point of contact, through to the moment our services conclude.

Our Beliefs

End of Life care should highlight a lifetime of memories, and honor every aspect of each patient we serve. That’s why, we believe that ensuring compassionate, high-quality, value-driven care is the best way to fill this transition with satisfaction and acceptance. Our goal is to make this occasion one more memory to cherish and hold dear — not one you’ll want to put behind you.


The mission of Hope & Grace Hospice, Inc. encompasses exceptional care for patients and families. It is tailored individually. Our mission is not only to have a health care professional present so that each patient may die in peace. Our mission focuses on also, on the ones left behind and the generations to come that will be influenced by the teachings, life and experiences our patient has to offer.

Because Every Day Counts.

Our team wants to be present for your loved one before hospice is an ultimatum. To fully benefit from an organization dedicated to maximizing quality of life for as long as possible please call us at 512-358-4222.